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We can all find almost any excuse for a party and we know that when we get our friends together for good food, good wine and a good time that everyone will have fun. However, while we like to get together, the get togethers can become a bit repetitive and similar to the last ones.

Therefore, when you have found an excuse, any will do, for a party, hire a limousine and have a British tailgate party. While tailgate parties are an American tradition, and the Americans usually hold them around Super Bowl as an excuse to get drunk and watch sport, here is how you can take an American tradition and make it your own, not to mention better.

By hiring a limousine for your tailgate party, you can have all of the luxury and space of a limousine for your party, without having to worry about who is the designated driver. Many people hire SUV super stretch limousines simply to ride around town all night and have a party in the limousine. Having a tailgate party in the limousine is not much different, you are simply adding a more extensive menu.

Before you get carried away organising your limousine tailgate party, make sure that your destination allows such parties. If you are cooking, make sure there is a place away from the limousine to set up the grill to avoid smoking out the party-goers.

You will also need to make sure that your tailgate party destination allows you to drink alcohol and that there will be no complaints from surrounding residents if you crank up the sound system in the limousine.

So while tailgate parties are traditionally held in the boot of your own station wagon, why not step up your next party and use it as an excuse to hire a stretch SUV limousine.

For more information about SUV limousines available for hire in your area, contact Limo Hire Swansea now.

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