Swansea Limos Draw Attention

Unfortunately, when industries and services are not in the public eye, their problems and loopholes are often not spotlighted and regulated as they should be. This can be seen in the limousine industry with the insurgence of SUV limousines.

The limousine industry in the UK has always had an eight passenger restriction on all of their limousines. However the SUV limousines can seat twice, sometimes three times as many passengers as the legal limit and unfortunately some of the limo hire companies are filling their SUV limos to capacity without regard for the law.

However, the SUV limos have been slowly, yet consistently, growing in popularity and have previously been able to escape the law. However, with limousines as large, imposing and often outrageously coloured as the variety of SUV limousines on the streets, they are now drawing the attention of the police and the VOSA.

The police and the VOSA have begun to coordinate and have become aware of the new types of limousines operating in the UK. Through spot checks and licensing reviews they were able to identify that there were many limo hire companies who were flouting the law and this has drawn to their attention all of the SUV limousines and the entire limousine industry.

With limousines getting bigger and bigger, they are becoming more like buses and mini vans which have different regulations again, as they are able to carry more than eight passengers under a Passenger Carrying Vehicle license.

Therefore, the only way these limousines will be able to carry their maximum number of passengers is to be registered as a PCV. However, with different licenses come different requirements and so far, no limousine has been able to pass the VOSA test to obtain a PCV license.

So with the head turning abilities of these larger SUV limousines and the growing popularity of hiring limousines, the industry is drawing the attention of the authorities which in turn ensures that the industry is safer and more regulated for everyone.

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