Special Make Over and a Special Limo Ride

A makeover is not always about putting highlights in your hair and updating your wardrobe. Sometimes you need a whole life makeover and when Sandra Talley was diagnosed with a paralysing neuromuscular disease, she went from being an accounting clerk in the US House of Representatives, to being confined to the second storey of her home.

Frustrated at being a prisoner in her own home, Sandra and her husband James contacted the not for profit organisation Christmas in April to ask for their help to install a ramp in their home. The organisations officials then also contacted the Talleys' church, and without the couple's knowledge, organised a surprise makeover like no other.

Instead of just organising the one day surprise which Christmas in April usually coordinates, with the input of the church, 75 volunteers spent three weeks and around $100,000 renovating and making over the Talley house. The makeover included new doors, an elevator and electronic equipment, plus little updates in most rooms.

The Talleys then arrived home in a chauffeur driven stretch limousine where their surprise makeover was revealed. Being lifted out of the limousine and into her wheelchair, Sandra Talley found more surprises inside. Under her Christmas tree were new kitchen appliances, a new wheelchair and a wide screen TV.

The most special makeovers and the most important charity and community events are the ones which have the most impact on people's lives and giving the Talleys a three week holiday, a chauffeured limousine at their beck and call and a whole new lifestyle to come home to has made all the difference in the world.

However you don't have to be part of a community organisation to make a difference, nor do you have to form a working group to makeover a whole home. It is the little differences and knowing that people care and are thinking about what it is that you really need which can makeover someone's life.

So if you know someone who needs a change of scenery or a special day out, contact Limo Hire Swansea now to organise a special limo ride.

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