Small Audi SUV

Audi are famous for their style and luxury, their technology and their comfort, however, with the adage �bigger is better' becoming the motto of many luxury car manufacturers, Audi have obliged. However, as with all of their creations, they haven't skimped on the luxury, and they have of course achieved the tough and powerful SUV in a completely new way.

The production of the Audi Q5 has just been unveiled and is being billed as a smaller SUV than its Q7 brother. The Q5 will also be built in both Germany and China, from the same platform as the A4 and A5, which means it has a longer wheelbase and an overall lower height than most other SUVs on the road at the moment.

As well as being smaller, the Q5 is also stylishly understated and while it is spacious, comfortable and powerful inside, it won't evoke the same �fight or flight' reflexes as, say a Hummer approaching at speed. Of course the Audi SUV can be accessorised to your heart's content by adding an S-Line body kit, an off-road style kit, a choice of three engines, the option of a seven speed S-tronic gearbox and twin clutch transmission.

In permanent four wheel drive, the Audi SUV achieves a �rear-focussed style that enhances driving pleasure' according to the manufacturer, but it can also switch between a front or rear bias depending on the road conditions. It also has the power and the guts to survive off road too, and can negotiate muddy tracks, cross streams half a metre deep and climb slopes of 31 degrees.

Arriving in the UK at the end of this year, will it only be a matter of time before the Audi Q5 joins the ranks of the other luxury SUV stretch limousines? If you can't wait that long, contact Limo Hire Swansea now to hire an existing Audi limousine, or an existing SUV party bus limo.

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